Memorial Day – a day to remember the dead

IMG_5785Memorial Day hits me hardest for all the men and women who served military time in Vietnam – that is what I grew up with. We became numb to the number who died each day as shared on the national evening news. It seemed never ending.

I had an uncle, Don Voorhees, who died while waiting to board a plane for a trip home from Nam. Uncle Don was a Green Beret and quite a guy. His death saddened me. He left behind a wife and a son. I don’t remember much more. Later on his son suffered from mental illness and killed himself. Perhaps if his dad had not been killed, my cousin might have survived as well.

dog tags DC 2013

Dog tag Arlington Cemetery 2013

I just discovered this about my uncle:

Peace to all who have died while in service during all the times our country has been in wars, scrimmages, protecting other countries’ freedom, and protecting us on our own soil.

Who are you remembering this Memorial Day?

Orbs at WWII Memorial, DC, 2013