Early morning random thoughts

I figured since I was up too early that I might as well write a blog. Random thoughts filling my head this morning:

  • Glee had too much sex in it last night. Since when did a show about great singing and dancing high schoolers turn intoIMG_5535 “let’s go off and have sex”? Very disturbing. The show has been known to teach lessons, last night’s episode taught some very bad lessons!
  • The Shore Grief Center has lots of things starting to pop now!
  • We will be getting out among the local law enforcement and emergency teams to let them know we (SOS members) are available for at home visits for recently bereaved families who suicide loss. We can show them that there will be a tomorrow and provide information to them on how to heal even though they feel like they might never do so.
  • There may soon be another SOS (survivors of suicide loss) group – this one in North Raleigh! It will be under The Shore Grief Center’s wing. This will be good for folks who live in that area but also who want to attend more than one meeting a month. Yes, there’s a group in south Raleigh that meets weekly but that’s a long drive if you live in north Raleigh or Wake Forest (or beyond) if you’re grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • To turn my book “Save the Teens” into an ebook or not. Or should I save that money for publishing my next book? Would you read it if it were an ebook?
  • I’m going to schedule a writer’s retreat for myself to work on the next book!
  • I sure hope people will attend The Shore Grief Center’s event on 3/16! I am putting a lot of work into making it a fun event as well as a fundraiser. It’s my birthday that day as well. Here’s a link if you want more info:¬†http://bit.ly/12QwrUz

And fortunately that’s all that’s clogging my brain so early in this morning. I actually think I ate too much chocolate Valentine cake too close to bedtime. Ahh well, it’s almost “wake up” time anyway.

Here’s to a happy and safe Friday to all my friends and followers.

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